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Conservation Of Wildlife - Protection Of The African Elephants

Actually two major projects are installed to reserve wildlife and to prevent poaching of Elephants.

Thuma FR and Dedza-Salima FR contain significant numbers of the remaining large mammals of Malawi, including several key populations identified by the IUCN. Thuma F.R. and Dedza-Salima F.R. are one of the few protected areas in Malawi which give still home to elephant and buffalo. Other (larger) game include greater kudu, bushbuck, baboon, vervet monkey, bush baby, leopard, cerval, spotted hyena, genets, African civet, warthog, bush pig, porcupine as well as a number of smaller antelopes like Sharpe's grysbok, common duiker and klipspringer. But Thuma F.R. is not only of interest for these mammals. There is a variety of trees and plants, birds, insects, and other animals which make the two reserves an important biodiversity hotspot in Malawi.


WAG-Scouts and fieldmanager Lynn Clifford

Thuma Forest Reserve

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Main project of the Wildlife Action Group is the "Thuma Forest Reserve Eco-system Rehabilitation Project". The objective of the Thuma Project is to protect its flora and fauna and to restore its ecological balance in co-operation with the communities around Thuma.

Dedza Salima Forest Reserve

Limunye Stream

Limunye Stream in Dedza-Salima Forest Reserve

The "Dedza-Salima Forest Reserve Eco-system Rehabilitation Project" is the second major project of the Wildlife Action Group and is essentially an expansion of our Thuma Forest Reserve Project.

Dedza-Salima Forest Reserve is located directly South-East of Thuma F.R.


Kachere Crafts

Kachere Crafts - recycle and reuse to create incomes

PERFORM - Battle against deforestation/forest degradation Protecting Ecosystems and Restoring Forests in Malawi (PERFORM), together with WAG and the Government extension staff  identified hotspots and factors driving deforestation and forest degradation, then implemented measures for reduction of those.

Kachere Crafts - recycle and reuse to create incomes Creating income for vulnerable ladies living close to Thuma Forest Reserve by providing discarded local material and recovered snares from the forest and train the ladies to create craft products, which WAG then sell on their behalf. This helps improve the lives of the people surrounding the reserves.

Humanitarian And Agricultural Expertises Relieving the need for people to hunt and cut trees. In partnership with 'The Tuesday Trust', an irrigation garden has been established. We support vulnerable ladies in growing a variety of vegetables which in turn gives them a reliable income and food security for their families.

Chituula Bee Club comprises ten members (men and women) of the Kusawana Village very close to Dedza Salima Forest Reserve. Beekeeping training was given from WAG trustee, Tony Finch. WAG has provided the club with beehives. In July 2015, the first honey batch was harvested and market. 100% off all proceeds from the honey went back to the Chituula Bee Club.

We are very thankful for the support of our generous donors and partners in our continuous effort to protect Malawi’s forest and wildlife for future generations. THANK YOU!