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Wildlife Action Group Malawi

WAG Team

Iris After her first visit to Thuma in 2010 Iris stayed in contact with W.A.G and is helping out with several things like fundraising, volunteer support and facebook. In 2011/12 she came back to Thuma for 4 weeks to renovate the volunteercamp by using the donations from her family, friends, collegues and neighbours from Holland. She has a qualification in urban planning and is working as a project consultant at a company specialized in projectmanagement and area development.
John John Pemberton is a conservationist and wildlife biologist who visited us in 2010 and continued to work with us thereafter. John has worked and volunteered in the Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania and the UK. Specialising in wildlife conservation, he has a love for Africa which keeps bringing him back. He is currently a wildlife conservation lecturer in the UK where he works to raise awareness of W.A.G.. John graduated with his MSc in Wildlife Biology & Conservation in 2007 and has published research on the reintroduction of endangered species.
Kingsley Kingsley was the first Member of the Working Group to be formally appointed. He is a young man freshly married and holds qualifications in Information Technology from the University of Malawi, The Polytechnic. Kingsley is a Microsoft Certified Professional and currently works with Daeyang Luke Hospital in Lilongwe. Kingsley will be helping W.A.G. with information technology tasks.
Sophie Sophie has had a life long passion for wildlife and Africa. After volunteering for WAG in the summer of 2011, on extended leave from her full time job in marketing, Sophie has kept in touch and supports WAG with fundraising, donation generation ideas, Facebook administration and offering support to volunteers from the UK. Sophie is currently studying for a diploma in ecology alongside her full time job. With another visit planned for the summer of 2013, Sophie hopes to contribute to current projects both at base camp and within the local communities.
Stefan Stefan met with W.A.G. by a betterplace.org project. Since that time he takes care of the wag-malawi.org websites. Stefan is a biotechnology engineer and works for a German company in marketing and sales with focus on special computer solutions in field of research.

We are very thankful for the support of our generous donors and partners in our continuous effort to protect Malawi’s forest and wildlife for future generations. THANK YOU!