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Please Support Our Work in Conservation Of Wildlife And Protection Of The African Elephants

"The illegal ivory trade impacts everyone. I see first hand the terrible suffering inflicted on our elephants and we are counting the costs as Thuma's herds shrink at the hands of the ivory poachers. There's also increased human-wildlife conflict as a result, where elephants may try escape from the poachers and run into villages. Criminals with guns infiltrate communities. Tourism, which can have far reaching economic benefits, is affected. A few individuals benefit at the vast expense of others." (Lynn Clifford, Fieldmanager WAG Malawi)

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Electric Fence Thuma

Please help us to complete the vital next stage!

Where the fence is in existence, villagers are delighted as there has been less crop damage and a greater sense of security. People can at last sleep more peacefully at night without fears that their crops will be destroyed by elephants. Happy fed people means that there is less pressure to subsidy their diet from the forest. And because the elephants are kept within the forest boundary they are easier to protect from poachers. There is no greater need for this than now with elephants threatened by extinction by 2025. 56km has been completed already (Thanks to all your donations!!). The target for 2015 is to build another 25km but to do this we need your help. Work will take place in October before the rains come again. It costs about Euro 2000 per kilometre.

How Your Gift Could Help

Scout Boots
  • 15 EUR could provide a sturdy pair of boots for a scout so they can carry out anti-poaching patrols.Our scouts walk up to 20km everyday securing the forest from illegal activities. Work is tough and the terrain is rugged, so quality equipment is vital for them to do their job effectively.
  • 25 EUR could pay for 10 metres of our solar-powered project Electric Fence Thuma.This helps keep the elephants in the reserves providing surrounding communities with the reassurance that their crops and families are safe from wandering elephants.
  • 60 EUR could provide a conservation awareness and education programme with the local villages. This will help them generate income whileconserving the forest and wildlife at the same time.

Sponsor A Scout

It costs 750 EUR to sponsor one WAG scout for a year and 100% of your donation will go to sponsoring a scout to be in the filed protecting wildlife. If you choose to sponsor a scout for less than 750 EUR, or in the unlikely event that we reach our scout sponsorship target, your donation will be used to support wildlife and forest patrols and other WAG conservation activities.

... Or Just Donate What You Can

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WAG Malawi, Donate - Save The African Elephants - Sponsor a Scout
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We are very thankful for the support of our generous donors and partners in our continuous effort to protect Malawi’s forest and wildlife for future generations. THANK YOU!