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Last Update: July, 2017

Had a amazing month in Thuma Forest. Met beautiful people in a beautiful part of the world. I’ve been treated like part of the Thuma family and feel privileged and proud to say I’ve been a volunteer here. Lynn and her team of scouts and workers are doing something special. I wish you all the best and keep up the amazing work. I may be leaving Thuma, but in certain, Thuma won’t leave me. If Malawi is the warm heart of Africa, then Thuma is the warm hearts heartbeat. Goodbye for now. Thank you for everything.

29.06.2017 / Joe Perkins, UK

On mission to review CEPF-funded project but ended up at a really nice place – quite natural/wild setting and wild. Particularly admired the high level of organisation that pins down problem areas for elephants and got to experience the bush with the help of Richard, Mathew and Felix. Special thanks to Lynn for excellent hosting. All the best. Keep the good work up!

24.05.2017 / Paul K. Ndang’anja

Thank you for a really great 5 weeks. I enjoyed it all especially the butterfly survey. I’d love to come back sometime. A special thanks to Reto for being so generous with his knowledge and to Barak for putting in an appearance at the volunteer’s camp

21.05.2017 / Sue, New Zealand

Little piece of heaven in the forest! Thank you Lynn for hosting us, your builders. You are such an inspiration and have achieved incredible things at Thuma. We’ll definitely be back! Look after UG

April 2017 / Ray and Clare, South Africa

We stay only two days at this lovely place, but we will never forget it and hopefully we can be back in the next years. The slogan “warm heart of Africa” came true! Greetings from Germany,

23.03.2017 / Anke + Dirk + Kristina + Hubertus

Coming for the first time, I am very impressed about the great work & commitment of you all. You are very welcome to visit us at Kunyumba.

19.03.2017 / Marian, from Senga Bay (Kunyumba Trust)

Very gracious for your hospitality throughout our stay. An excellent education on bush life and conservation and the wildlife. It was a pleasure working with you, Reto, and your WAG scouts. I am sure my guys and I have learned as much from you as your scouts learned from us and the MDF, Especially the Spades games during dinner, steaks and beers! If only we could have stayed longer. Until next time and we all of there will be, cheers!

14-19.03.2017 / Kevin Doss, TN, USA

Great job working together against poaching, raising awareness of protecting elephants, animals and plants in general. All the best wishes for you and we wish you success for all your endeavours.

February 2017 / Lan Xing,change d’affairs, China

Thank you everyone for a most enjoyable time here in Thuma Forest. I wish you well with all your future endeavours and hope you keep going from strength to strength.

December 2016 / Matt Gardiner, Darwin, Australia

Passion for wildlife! It’s so great to see how passionate you work on protecting elephants and wildlife in Thuma Forest. We had a wonderful time and a great experience while our hikes through the reserve. Many thanks to Reto for all the warm welcome and detailed information on your Anti-Poaching-Work! Keep the passion!!

19.10.2016 / Nadine + Mendrik, Stuttgart, Germany

Many thanks for a lovely stay in Thuma! I enjoyed every minute, and as I said when we sat talking after dinner up on the rock, this feels like Africa did 30 years ago. The reserve is a pure Gem! I look forward to coming back soon. All the best,

29.09.2016 / Frank AF Petersens, Stockholm, Sweden

Thank you for the tour! We saw many elephants and it was a great adventure. Greetings

15.07.2016 / Tabea, Jessi (Switzerland), Paula (France) and Samantha (USA)

I enjoyed a good walk and spotted some interesting animals + birds – kudu, buffalo, warthog, hornbill etc. Fabulous place to enjoy weekend.

09.07.2016 / Tetsuya Takahashi from Japan

Dear Lynn, Anne, Reto, Thank you so much for a very pleasure stay here. I really enjoyed everything and the morning walk to Lake and Buffalo View was gorgeous although we saw no elephant. Really a nice bush walk. Maybe see you again this year.

2016 / All the best, Kurt

Dear all! Finally I made it to come back to Thuma for the 2nd time! Three years ago I had such a good time here and spent 3 months with Lynn and her staff which are still unforgettable. Now my ten week stay is over ... Also unforgettable: First week once at 1 o’clock Lynn called me. We drove together with six scouts to a village close to the gate to arrest a man, who wanted to sell ivory. It turned out to be fake ivory made out of elephant bones! Forbidden as well of course…The man got a fee of 100000 Kwacha and will never do it again!
One night Shaka the old male elephant met me at the volunteer camp! I listened to his breathing and to his rumbling belly. How wonderful moments!
Thuma became much more professional. The number of scouts increased, 5 other camps were built, GPS is now used for patrols, camera traps take amazing photos from all kind of animals and the fence became many km longer!
One evening an elephant moved slowly under the top rock where I was sitting. He went in direction scouts camp and stood just beside the camp road. It became dark, I saw the light of Lynn’s Jeep coming closer. Both, Lynn and the elephant, were not aware of each other. I think the elephant had very bad ears! He only realised the car, when Lynn drove by straight beside him. A loud, loud trumpeting came from the elephant direct in Lynn’s ear!! Lynn first shocked, then laughing about this moment!
Together with Lynn I started a little project with five local women from five different villages close to the gate. I taught them how to sew small elephants from cotton. Added with a key ring they can be used as pretty hanger. Hopefully, they will be sold online in Germany on the WAG homepage. It was a good time, sitting with this five women on a mat under a tree sewing tiny elephants. First time in their life they could earn money!! Starting to sew was not easy. The ladies first created funny science-fiction animals. But they learned quickly and after a few lessons their elephants became pretty!
“Good luck” – Irish Lynn says “good loock”. Said so to the scouts before going on patrol and all the scouts looked up in the sky!! So funny…
“Viel Glück” All the best! Keep strong! I am coming back again!! Big hug to Lynn and all!!

08.03.2016 / Claudia from Switzerland

Lynn and all the scouts, Thank you so much for such an amazing time at Thuma! This is real conservation and your dedication to this forest and its animals is so inspiring and important – the world needs more people like you all! Thank you for all the patrols, the patience and putting up with my terrible Chichewa (I’ll make sure to be better next time!) Some of my favourite things:

  • Cold, outdoor showers every morning
  • Seeing elephants undisturbed, healthy and safe
  • Snickers bars (of course)
  • Learning how a NGO works
  • Finding amazing pictures on the camera traps
  • Riding on the roof of the jeep with Claudia
  • 7.30 am patrols to look for elephants and hunt poachers
Thank you for inspiring m even more (if possible) to fight for animals and conservation and letting me be part of the Thuma team. Can’t wait to see the future success of Thuma and the day we get leopards!

01.02.2016 / Beckie Caider-Flynn, New Zealand

Dear Lynn, Unfortunately my time here in Thuma Forest is over now after 2 fantastic months. I’ve learned so muc here!! For my studies and also for life! You gave me the chance to see how you manage a forest reserve, which you do with all your energy and HEART!! I admire you for the great, hard job you and your team do here! I wish you for the future a lot of support coming in and an assistant manager who loves Thuma as much as you do!! Before I came to this special place, I wouldn’n have imagined that the work is so full-scaled! Some special experiences I could collect: -animal count 2015 -Patrols with scouts and elephant sightings! -Get to know different projects like women’s garden. -School visits….whaqt a fantastic afternoon -Meetings with Chiefs to talk about the fence. -Work and overnight at the new fenceline. -Social survey with local people. -Collecting of camera pictures and GPS knowledge. …and a lot more… I will miss the great time here and our daily dinner at the top rock! Thank you very much for having me here at this special place with it’s special people!! All the best for everyone of you and for the project! Keep in touch!

16.12.2015 / Nathalie, Germany

Hi Lynn! What beautiful place! I hope you continue your efforts to achieve a successful effort to protect all of the beautiful and amazing plants and animals in this spectacular Thuma Reserve! And especially important plage in Malawi – a portion that we all ahare on this place called EARTH! Best wishes and stay in touch!

10.2015 / Ann, USA

Thuma! Lynn! Thanks a lot for a great experience, I have had a great time here over the last 3 weeks. Some highlights: The over-night patrol, sleeping under the stars and getting to see 18 elephants. The 24km patrol that nearly killed me… The crazy snake-man Reto. You took a really good care of me, I’ve learned a lot!!! Wonderful dinners on top of the rock! Visiting the different villages and all projects, loved the farming project. Keep up the good work, hope to see you again!

20.10.2015 / Hakan, Sweden

Thank you for an amazing experience . It has been some nice days and we have learnt LOT bout your projects. $The place here is incredible and we have enjoyed the wonderful view. Thank you for having us and being a wonderful person . Good luck with your projects in the future!! Best regards, the 7 danish Vikings

09.2015 / Astrid, Emma, Ida, Kirsten, Sebastian, Nicolaj, Christina, Denmark

Dear Lynn, dear W.A.G.-Scouts Had a wonderful time again, Lynn is doing the hardest job on earth, and solves all problems! Scouts are brilliant and motivated. Keep this place save – most beautiful piece of forest in the world. Keep an eye on little “Thomas”-Elephant out in the forest and keep on fighting for Thuma.

03.09.2015 / Thomas Töpfer, Chairman “REAeV”, Germany

Thanks a million for this amazing 2 months here! It was a pleasure to work with you and all the people of Thuma. I have learnt a lot and enjoyed so much…. I hope I have helped you as you wish to improve the project and if you need any kind of help in the future, just ask me! It was very nice to mme you all, the return to France will be hard…. But I’ll still think about you in France and maybe come back in few years! Thanks again for everything!

31.08.2015 / Camilla, France

Lynn Thanks for explaining us your mission here and wish you the best in your future projects. People like you let us make believe that everything is possible!!!

17.08.2015 / Iker and Gald

Lynn, thanks you so much for such a powerfull description of your mission here. It’s certainly most worth fighting for the best. Beest luck with the future projects.

05.08.2015 / Kind regards, Thomas, Germany

After some settling in I had a great time Lynn! I admire your passion for the work you are doing. You and the scouts are doing a great job and I hope, that the next generation will benefit from your big efforts!!!

03.08.2015 / Art, Canada

It was great to be back in Thuma again. A lot of things have changed in a positive way. We had a great time. Thanks for the hospitality and we will be back!!

07.2015 / Patrick and Laura, Holland

It was a good experience and an eye opener. The management of Thuma Forest Reserve needs the support of ALL Malawians!

19.01.2015 / Raymond, Malawi

It was a very wonderful trip. We have realised, that we still have some forest remaining which we need to safeguard seriously. Thuma is wonderful.

19.01.2015 / Alex, Malawi

Dearest Lynn and all Such a fantastic place you have developed here! We have loved every visit which was all very special. Thank you for your friendship, support, love and caring. We wish you all the very best for your work. Keep your great work in making Thuma a MUST to visit and in protecting the woodland and the animals!!! We will never forget the experience….and you..!!!

04.01.2015 / Kathy and Peter, Germany

Dear Lynn, scouts, workers and volunteers! Thank you all so much for the interesting, funny and fascinating time we could spend in Thuma! You are all doing a great job and we are very happy we could join you for one month. Keep the wildlife smiling and we hope to sse you again!!!

05.10.2014 / Valeria and Magdalena, Germany

Dear Lynn, scouts, workers and volunteers! Thank you all so much for the interesting, funny and fascinating time we could spend in Thuma! You are all doing a great job and we are very happy we could join you for one month. Keep the wildlife smiling and we hope to sse you again!!!

05.10.2014 / Valeria and Magdalena, Germany

Dear Lynn, scouts and workers! After 4 fantastic weeks my time here in Thuma has come to an end. It was amazing to see the elephants and the other wildlife in Thuma! The nature is really beautiful here and the scenery from the camp is just mind-blowing! And listening to the deep sounds of an elephant standing outside my room in the night is an experience that will stay in my memory forever. But above all it is Lynn and her team that make this place so special. You are the best! Thank you for everything! Your Norwegian volunteer.

02.07.2014 / Nicolai. Zikomo from Norway

Thank you for the perfect time in Thuma! I enjoyed every minute and be sure I’ll be back.

02.07.2014 / Jana

We came all the way from Germany.
To see a big Amarula tree
We also saw an elephant
Which was good entertainment
Life in Thuma camp is wonderful
Because Carslberg Green is plentiful.
But there was always work to do
We even liked to count the shoes
The food we had was excellent
So everyone was quite well fed
But then we made a big mistake
And ate the manager’s favourite cake
That threw her in to a spitting rage
Which lasted for about a day
After we were all good friends
And THAT lasted till the very end
So a thousand thanks to Lynn and her crew
We had the time of our lives
And a million dollar view!

After more than 10 years of absence we returned to Thuma to find great changes – in the forest, the wildlife, the camp, the people – and the changes have turned a good thing in to something even better. We are amazed and delighted and are already talking about coming back even though we are still here. To Lynn and her team, thanks for everything.

02.07.2014 / Maria and Ramona from Germany

Zikomo with all my heart to the brave scouts for welcoming me and taking me on hikes tosee the beloved elephants. I am sorry I wasn’t as fit as you but thank you for making me more fit and for going more slowly and allowing me to take the odd rest – you were very kind.
Never forget how much your job matters; not only as a means to make a living and to provide for your wife and children but you are also doing it for Malawi as people like me would not come here if it weren’t for the beautiful wildlife, so you are also helping the Malawi economy. You are lucky to have such creatures in your midst. Where I come from I would only be able to see an elephant in a zoo where they live in a very small space in cold weather all year round. They just look sad and depressed and very far away from where they would like to be> it has been the highlight of my life to have seen them here- happy and free and wild and safe in Thuma, their home. You make them safe. Thank you for that.
And the world thanks you for that, for it would be a much poorer world without them. You are the guardian angels and just as they bless our lives, you bless theirs. They are God’s magnificent, gentle, vulnerable creayures and you are doing His work in protecting them. As a small gesture of my appreciation please have a beer on me – Cheers!
Special thanks to Richard for getting me close enough to see the elephants with my own eyes!!
And to “snake” for the magic of his camera lens which allowed me to see even more clearly. Thank you. You are amazing. And to Lynn, a braver woman than I have ever met. Nor one as competent and fair and determined. Ireland should be evry proud of you. Your hospitality has been amazing considering all the other roles you have to fulfil; manager, hostess, detective, law enforcer, secretary, counsellor, soldier and more. The world owes its thanks to you.

09.06.2014 / Cara Kelly

Dear Thuma, I’m here for 6 weeks and tomorrow I have to leave. It makes me really sad. Seems like yesterday when I arrived as a scared girl and now look at me, I’m a bushpig! It was the best decision in my life to come to Thuma. It makes me so much stronger, free and confident. Thank you for all those important experiences. I will miss really everything; Lynn, the strongest person I’ve ever met in my life, Richard, who gets really used to me, the scouts and the workers, the ugliest dog and the most annoying cat in the world. I will miss you and I will never forget you. Thuma has a place in my heart forever. Thank you for making me a better person and reminding me what is really important in life. What you are doing here every day is so important and I hope that you will always find the strength to move on. Wishing you all the best. Thank you!

96.04.2014 / Lisa

Dear Lynn, thank you for your hospitality and for a great time. We had a nice couple of days with swimming in the pool and trekking. It was a really good experience.

06.04.2014 / The Danish adventure heart group

We had a lot of problems to arrive here with our VERY OLD car..but it was worth the sweat and bloodshed.
The walk with the scoutswasreally nice and we would just spot an elephant from afar. We would love to be back some day during the dry season.

03.04.2014 / Frederic, Richard and Severin

Dear Lynn and the team, thank you for a great time and so many great experiences. And for organising the elephant walk! It made us very very happy.
Good luck to you and Mr Black with your vegetable gardens, we hope the wire project blossoms and the radio play a success!
We’ve learnt a lot about everything that goes in to running a conservation project – it’s opened our eyes and it’s very impressive.It’s a great place for ideas and progression; we would recommend that there is someone managing the volunteer projects to maximise what can be achieved by them, while giving Lynn time to run the reserve, Many thanks.

27.02.2014 / Baz and Lucy

Dear Lynn, I would like to thank you for the great time I had for 4 weeks. I take it as a priveledge to have the scouts for the several walks in to the forest, getting to know them, who spent time with me to identify the trees on which the elephant feed. But nothing would work out as well as it did without you to run a place like this. Thuma forest Reserve is a precious place to be and hoping that it will continue. As a volunteer I gained more knowledge and I enjoyed the evenings with good food, nice people, lots of discussions, in company with Ugg (the dog) and Kangoo the cat. Even elephants showed up and tracking them gives the shiver down the spine. One day I’ll be back! Thanks a lot.

20.02.2014 / Ilke Faust

These were and amazing 3 weeks, we learnt and experienced so much! Norbet enjoyed every single patrol he went on, finally he saw enough snakes : )
His cooking course gave him a lot of pleasure as well, hope the boys will be able to use their skills in the future to the benefit of the camp and their families. For me meeting the communities in the villages gave me an insight into their lives. Very educational.
Hope you carry on with so much enthusiasm and passion! Will follow you on FB : ) All the best! Thanks for everything.

07.02.2014 / Gabriela and Norbert

Dearest Lynn and crew, thank you for allowing us into the special world that is Thuma. Its truly a slice of paradise here and well worth the effort you all are putting in. Keep it up guys, you are all doing an amazing job for the planet and we thank you. To Lynn, chin up mate. You are a saint with the heart of a horse, your spirit is endless and infectious, the world needs more like you. The project wouldn’t be what it is wthout all your blood sweat and tears. We will be back to catch up and put paid to another bottle of jamesons and see the progress. Once again, thank you.

18.01.2014 / Mark and Kim “ol boots” the landy.

How is it possible that 4 weeks passed so quick? It has been a great time. Lots of crazy, nice, cool people. Lots of things we did: questionnaires in the villages, lake time at Sam’s, building fence, gardening, rebuild the kitchen, sewing targets, making xmas decorations, making a bottle top table Thanks for everything. It was the great, wonderful – the best ever!

23.12.2013 / Anna

Dear Lynn and team, It was a pleasure meeting you after so many years knowing eachother only by phone or mail! You are wonderful! Doing a really good job in midst the wildness. I hope I can support you for many more years so that elephants can feel safe in this lovely place on earth. And I would really appreciate to help you in building up a small tourist camp.

Christmas music is coming via dropbox in a few days. Looking forward to next September. We will meet again.

17.12.2013 / Dany

Dear Lynn, thank you for the beautiful days at Thuma. We are two new fans of Africa. When we are back in Germany we will be discussing our next visit. Thank you to all of your staff.
Had a GRAND time. Will miss it! All the best in work and life

29.10.2013 / Daniel

I am so happy about my experience herein Thuma camp, the warm hearted people felt good and I have learned that there is another kind of life possible beside the problems we have in our ordinary lives. Thankyou very much.

29.10.2013 / Alexander

Dear Lynn and all in Thuma, Thank you so much for the lovely time here!! I will never forget the “aaaaaaah there’s a porcupine in the kitchen”, “The baboon stole the pot again”, “There’s toilet paper in the tanatulacupboard ” It was fantastic to see the elephants and all other beautiful animals. You are doing such a good job protecting the forest and all its inhabitants.Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best. Thanks for all and everything.

27.10.2013 / Tessa

Dear Lynn, Thank you so much for 3 weeks, I will never forget it in my life. Your life and work is amazing, and I think there’s not enough appreciation for that. I wish you all the best, and all over this I wish you the support you deserve from government, the police , the villagers, the scouts and also from volunteers.
I will be a small light in Germany trying to support you whenever I can with donations and with telling everyone what amazing work you do here. So that, one day there will be more and more support, (even if it’s just money). Thank you so much,

23.09.2013 / Lisa from Germany

This visit to Thuma has been refreshing. The Human-animal conflict should be a thing of the past due to team approach that has been adopted. Ministry of Tourism and Culture reaffirms it’s commitment to saving the elephants.

04.09.2013 / TressaSenzani. Secretary for Tourism and Culture.

I have come to visit Thuma forest today to appreciate the work WAG is doing. They are doing a commendable job, so I encourage them to keep it up. WAG, you have our support as the ministry and also government. God bless you all.

04.09.2013 / Hon Halima David (Minister of Environment and Climate Change Management)

The excursion on foot exploring the hills with Samson and the expert guides was unforgettable and authentic. It was great. Eric Wonderful experience, quite serene environment. Please WAG keep it up. Malawi Tourism – special place and exciting.

30.08.2013 / Manda Director of Forestry, RP Kabwaza

We’re really amazed about the work Lynn is doing here. Malawi can be proud, having in the country a reserve like Thuma Forest. We wish to have people like Lynn in our country to protect the environment so properly and in this wonderful way. Please help her in this fantastic project!!!

26.08.2013 / Audrea, Felipe, Carmen, Jorge, Eva, Madri, Onrique, Msesus, Michael

Arriving here only 2 weeks ago, I had little idea of what the experience would entail.
Fortunately, I was introduced to not only the wonderful environs of the reserve itself, but much more than that: the people who run and work here are some of the most dedicated I have come across, and it is impossible to spend any length of time at Thuma without some of their passion and energy rubbing off on you. I feel privileged to have spent time with them all, and to work alongside those working so hard to make a difference.
I wish you all the best of luck in the future, and hope to keep in touch!

18.11.2012 / Sam from UK

Dear Lynn, dear scouts, dear workers After eight weeks and one day I will leave Thuma tomorrow. I will miss every day!
I found best educated scouts, hard working workers and a one-woman top management! But I found much more: I found FRIENDS. So I can say to everybody:
Zikomo, zikomo, zikomo ! (thank you, thank you, thank you)

Back home, I will be very proud to say: " I was a volunteer of Thuma"!!


17.10.2012 / Uwe from Germany

A taste of Malawi - bush and town. Lovely woodland, long walks in hot hot September/October. Elusive elephants. Magnifient news. Swim in the beautiful Linthipi River after a very hot day on the fence line. Helping to chase elephants back into the reserve. The on-going battle with poachers and to preserve the wilderness. Cooking in a bush kitchen and living in my semi-detached mud hut (very comfortable in a basic sort of way). Visit to Senga Bay at Lake Malawi. Buying food in Salima market. Sleeping in the bush with a full moon. The Tsetse flies (but no sleeping sickness) without which them might not have been a reserve. Visiting "tea shop" in local village. Meeting Malawiens - always so cheerful and welcoming.
The scouts - ever so helpful and friendly and keeping me safe.
And there is Lynn with so much to do but always positive and dedicated.
I wish the WAG team all the best in its mission!

07.10.2012 / Chris from UK

I had an amazing and life changing time here! Thank you for everything!
This place is just incredible and you are all amazing people. I hope, you keep always looking for this place and stay in a great team as you are.
You are doing a great job. And I'm looking forward to come back one day as a visitor.
Promise is promise!!!

13.08.2012 Debbie from Germany

To be a volunteer at Thuma forest is a unique experience. Meeting so much people, seeing little villages and walking in the bush. I really appreciate the way you choose to pressure the wildlife and include all villages around. Thanks a lot, it was so wonderfulto spend time here. As your scout Jotham used to say "take care"!

13.08.2012 / Ludonie + Florence from France

Dear Lynn, scouts and workers,
3 weeks in Thuma passed by so fast. It was a joy to be part of the project and to get to know every day life up here in the forest!
PAtroulling with the scouts, improving the volunteers camp with the workers and the trips with Lynn will stay in my best memories. Special thanks to Bitson for cooking during the first week! Enjoyed your menus!
The pictures I made during my stay will get a special place in my shelf in Hamburg.
Thank you all for being part of this great experience!
Fight a good fight against the poaching and deforestation, this lovely place of nature has to be secured and you are doing an amazing job. The biggest respect for all of your efforts and the best, best wishes.

21.06.2012 / Maxim from Germany

Dear Lynn, Hello Scouts-Staff !
I came to Thuma for 4 weeks and I learned during this time a lot! "African Time" for example, and that things work a bit slower than in Europe. And I learned to be patient, to appreciate small success and to be satisfied with "little" things like the sunrise, warm water for a shower, warm + fresh made food after a long day and: that we guys in Europe live a very, very comfortable life! Life in Thuma is not only holidays, its also ADVENTURE-SURVIVING with everything that Mother Earth offers us. I could experience not "only" the wild, wild Malawi, but also could make new experience with my soft skills, my talents and with interacting with different people! Isn't that JUST AMAZING man ?! I had to enlarge my horizon! I had to cope with unrespectable situations (what is normal in Africa) and I had to think about myself, the way I am, stalk handle problems, etc. It's good to learn every day and to give and have the chance to start the very next day again. "Each dawn is a new beginning".
Lynn, you are stunning! You are doing a very tuff job and you are quite good at this! Please go ahead and stay like you are! All the best wishes you and Thuma!
Lots of Love and hugs!

25.05.2012 / Sonja from Germany

This was the perfect place to come to and I thou roughly enjoyed the friendliness and carrying attitude of Lynn and the scouts.

10.08.2011 / Gabriele from Germany

Dear Lynn-scouts-not forgetting Mr. Blacks an Mr. Lucius.
Thank you for a wonderful 3 weeks at Thuma. I will leave Malawi with lots of remember-many stories to tell. Thank you for our party! Never give up, what you are doing here - you will win one day!
Pangono - Pangono! Zikomo! (step by step! Thanks!)
I will see you again!

25.08.2011 / Sophie

Truly breath-taking views from camp of Thuma. Such a special experience to see elephants in the wild and all the other wonderful creatures here.
Very much enjoyed my walks with the scouts who care all brilliant and have eyes like hawks!
Will always remember ma 28th birthday here and scrambling up rocks away from else. Thank you Thuma!

25.08.2011 / Morgan from UK

Three weeks in Thuma, I can't believe I'm here three weeks, the time runs, and runs, and runs. It's a beautiful place, very friendly scouts, they help you, whenever you need help. And Lynn, the way she manages this place, it's unbelievable.
I hope I'm back soon!

29.07.2011 / Alexander from Switzerland

Thanks to your scouts for showing us around this beautiful place! We wouldn't have had a chance spotting the elephants without your help!
The campsite and the view from the top of your little rocky hill is absolutely magnificient and very Lion-King like !!!

25.05. 2011 / Lene + Josefone from Denmark

Dear scouts, workers, monkeys and elephants. Thanks fort he unforgettable time we spent with you. Our adventures here at Thuma will always be remembered by us: slashing around the camp (our hands will never be the same), constructing stairs with Majomeka and Lucius, cleaning the horns from worms, patrolling in the high grass and spotting elephants, walking up and down the hills and over streams, swimming in the river-pool, all of our discussions with the scouts, jogging in the morning and gym in the evening, playing bao and campfires and of cause the unforgettable parties we have had!!!
We will be very sorry to leave Thuma, it will always have a special place in our hearts! Wish the best for you in the future, keep up the good work.

04.11.2011 / Carin + Titti + Alma from Sweden

We arrived here at Thuma and it has been so nice to see the beautiful vegetation here. One thing which I can not forget is that I have seen elephants for the first time in my life and I will not forget that and I have written it in my diary! The environment has been good for me. Especially you people we have found here. Thanks a lot, see you next time!

03.09.2011 / Bob, Combat Support Baffalion, Malawi

It has been observed that Thuma Forest Reserve plays a lot of different things which are needed for the development of our country! It provides various things like keeping different animals, promotes rainfall and attraction of tourists. I encourage the system on how the camp has been established. Thanks.

03.09.2011 / Sebastian, Combat Support Baffalion, Malawi

It was good and very nice experience having visited Thuma Forest Reserve. For first time in my life I have seen an elephant live! Thuma shows that it plays a wider role in conserving both, trees and animals, as well as being a source of many rivers. Thanks for the hospitality! Continue to protect the forest for better future!

03.09.2011 / Staff Sergeant Henry Yube from Malawi

Dear Lynn-staff!
Coming from Germany we spend so great and enjoyable times here in Thuma forest. We enjoyed the lovely staff and the nature and the calm place. We hope things will be saved well until we come up here again. Our gifts for the environment in Thuma should be the developing education of scouts and installation of water supply as well as the basement of shower for the scouts. We had a great time and spending lovely moments with Lynn and lot of Captain Morgan-loads of beer. Keep the Toyoto running! I always will think back of Thuma with lovely memories. Thanks a lot; God will bless you and this place. Take care all of you and the nature around.
Your German guys

04.01.2011 / Torsten + Michael + Hubertus + Frank

We are very thankful for the support of our generous donors and partners in our continuous effort to protect Malawi’s forest and wildlife for future generations. THANK YOU!