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Are you 1-in-300?

Would you consider joining our campaign and becoming a member of the Wildlife Action Group 300 CLUB?

The 22nd of September 2012 is International Elephant Appreciation Day.

To commemorate this day - The Wildlife Action Group is looking for the next 3 weeks for 300 special people to join The 300 CLUB - by donating just 3 £, Dollars or EURO each to help protect the last of Malawi's wild elephants in their natural habitat.

One lucky winner will get to name an Elephant at Thuma Forest Reserve, Malawi.

(Every person who donates will have their name appear in the Wildlife Action Group Hall of Fame - and all for the price of a sandwich!)

Current Count Of Club Members: 42

Wildlife Action Group promises that 100% of your donation will go to the employment of a local Malawian man who will be part of an already established team who patrol the forest protecting elephants and other wildlife from poachers. The more scouts who can patrol the forest, the more poaching is reduced and the more elephants are saved.

Club 300

He needs training, kit and a simple salary to support his family in terms of food, clothes, medicine and education. So your donation as part of the 300 CLUB, will help support hard working Malawian people as well as protecting the forest and all its flora and fauna.

A little can go a mighty long way!

If you think you are the sort of person who is 1 – in – 300 then please donate 3 £, Dollars or EURO by clicking the donate button and please send us an email with your name (and/or the elephant wish name). Thank you from the Elephants in Thuma!

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Let's celebrate the elephants! Thank You!